I make sounds. Sometimes they’re pretty good.

I’ve been writing music for several years, consistently challenging myself with new genres and techniques. Below are two portfolios of what I regard as my best work. The first is free to download and available to use in your own media. Not everything here is perfect, but I hope it serves as a positive display of my composition and production skills.


If you’re not immediately struck by the first few tracks, explore a little more — you might find something else you like in an entirely different genre.

You may notice a few snippets from the Thrive soundtrack. I’ve been working with the Revolutionary Games team on this open-source evolution game for much of my composing career, to the point where I’ve taken the lead of composing and sound design efforts. Thrive‘s soundtrack is distributed for free (including the OST for the first stage available here, the work of multiple musicians including myself), though I’m looking to expand into paid work for other independent games developers.

If you’ve built a game and you’re looking for music, I’d be happy to help. Contact me to discuss rates and musical vision — I charge per minute of completed music, and I’ll gladly take feedback and suggestions along the way.

I run a YouTube channel, having built a small following thanks to the tracks above and more. There you’ll find the more rough and ready items of my musical back-catalogue, complete with feedback from my audience. And you never know, some of them might even become interested in any other games I upload the soundtracks for.


Which tracks am I allowed to use in my own media?

Only the tracks listed in the playlist above. You’re free to use or remix them providing you supply attribution via a link to my website and do so non-commercially. All other tracks are subject to the usual copyright rules unless stated otherwise.

How much do you charge for composition services?

I won’t disclose individual figures, but my rates are flexible, based on potential difficulty and my interest in the game in question.  In other words, cooler games get cheaper music. Though I’d prefer to charge per minute of completed music, other options, such as revenue share and hours put in, could be considered if you wish.

Who gets the rights to completed soundtracks?

I do, but they’ll never be published elsewhere for free or otherwise without your explicit permission.

What genres can you create?

Though I’d potentially be up for any soundtrack genre, some are less feasible than others. I specialise in quasi-electronic music purely because I lack the necessary tools for adequate orchestral soundtracks (either that or I can’t make them and I’m just blaming the tools), but if you’re prepared to accept a greater time investment I’ll certainly give anything a shot.

What if I don’t like what you give me?

Tell me why you don’t like it and I’ll make it better. I’d love to work closely with you to hammer out the proper sound if you wish. Alternatively, leave me to get on with it independently if you’d prefer to focus on other things. If worse comes to worse and nothing quite lives up to your hopes, it’s perfectly fine for you to seek someone else, though monetary compensation might get a little thorny. I can’t set a universal precedent, since I’ll work on a case-by-case basis.

What software do you use?

Cubase Pro 8 and Audacity (one of these costs far more than the other) with various third-party VSTs.