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All the Things I’ll Do

Hi. It’s been some time.

Before you get bored listening to everything I have to say, I’ve published another downloadable composing portfolio, All the Things We’ll Do.

It contains all my successful compositions from 2017 and one more from this year.  Read More

On Composing: Part II


Part I is this-a-way.

What’s music theory good for?

You might hear claims successful musicians don’t need understanding. After all, if you have heart, isn’t technical knowledge irrelevant? For me, music without heart is worthless, but music without theory isn’t much better.  Read More

On Composing: Part I

On Composing Part I

Though it pains me to admit it, Skrillex is a genius.

I’m not a fan of most dubstep, but I appreciate the skill in its creation. World-renowned producers sculpt throbbing synths and propulsive rhythms into earth-moving sonic forms with constant change and mind-boggling use of technology.  Read More

In Defence of Einaudi


Pop music has an image problem.

It faces claims it’s devoid of heart and skill, a vapid product of greed rather than love of art. They’re probably correct – studies show a decline in musical complexity as a genre becomes more successful.  Read More

An Obituary for Optimism


For a brief moment, I was optimistic about America’s political future. As a politically disengaged British teenager, this was disconcerting.

Thankfully, it was also temporary.

Optimism from a post-millennial? Yes, I’m a Sanders supporter. If you’re of a certain political view, you’ll tell me the dream is over, there was never a chance in the first place, and the world isn’t built on fantasy, because all Sanders supporters are naïve fantasists who don’t understand reality.  Read More

Accidental Profundity


One month ago, my cat went missing. Spoiler: we found him again.

Jasper is a ten month old Norwegian forest cat. His interests include chasing bottle caps, biting arms and exploring outside. We’ve grown used to it, maybe out of necessity; the alternative involves one restless kitten and many destroyed curtains.  Read More

The Impossible Game

This article shouldn’t exist. It was written seven years into the development of a game that wasn’t supposed to survive one month.

Welcome to the ludicrously improbable world of Thrive.

Disturbance Logo

Hi. I’m Oliver Lugg, also known as Oliveriver within Revolutionary Games, the team behind ThriveRead More

I Return

Hello. It’s been a while.

Not that anyone’s been waiting with baited breath for my return.  Even with over 600 subscribers and more than 150,000 views, the total number of referrers to my website from any of my YouTube videos since the beginning of time is eight.  Read More

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