I’m Oliver Lugg, if the title and web address haven’t convinced you. I put words or sounds in semi-random orders to produce things people might find somewhat pleasing, also known as writing and composing. Seeing as you’ve found me, it’s likely you’re interested in one or both of these things. Click on the icons below to find out more.



Much of my time is spent writing. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. My intention is to find a career in this field, but success only comes with practice, criticism and improvement, so I invite you to (constructively) tell me what I should be doing better. Plus there’s that whole overwhelming probability of failure to worry about. I primarily work in science fiction, though I’ve had occasional forays into other genres. My most recent outing resulted in Operation Green Canary, a novel about a government agent with a split personality.



I’m a self-taught pianist and music producer, who…WAIT, DON’T LEAVE! As if being an aspiring author isn’t enough, I also harbour lofty musical ambitions. It’s fair to say I’ve had more success in this field so far — I release music semi-regularly on my YouTube channel with a small following — mostly due to my involvement in the Thrive project as head composer. Soon I’ll be looking to expand into freelance music composition for indie game developers. Visit my Music page to hear some examples of my work, and if you’re an interested party, send me a message.



Who am I? Though nobody can ever say for sure who they really are, this is about as close as you’re likely to get to my answer. I don’t understand why anybody would be interested in it, but it’s here anyway for the possible amusement of a small proportion of you.




Though it’ll surely descend into abject nonsense at some point, I write a blog about whatever takes my interest at any particular moment. You’re invited to read it. You never know, there might be something of interest there, hidden underneath the reams of useless opinion.




Take revenge by sending blocks of text right back at me. If you’d like to contact me privately for composing work, use the contact form here.